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Shot Optimal 2.0 Kids Protector Jacket

  1. Shot Optimal 2.0 Kids Protector Jacket
  2. The Shot Race gear brings decades of experience to its drivers. In collaboration with the world's fastest riders, Shot develops technical products that meet the requirements of the world's highest levels: Motocross, Supercross Enduro, extreme Enduro and ATV competitions. Comfort, flexibility, lightness and durability are the characteristics of the Shot products, which are constantly improving and offering them the best possible off-road equipment. Many champions have already chosen Shot now it's their turn to join the legion of Shot racing equipment suppliers.
  3. Features:
  4. EN1621-2 and EN14021
  5. Anatomic chassis in soft mesh for an optimal comfort
  6. Durable back and chest protective shells providing mobility
  7. Vented thermo-compressed foam
  8. Adjustable straps
  9. Supple belt
  10. Exclusive fingerless glove sleeve tip
  • Toote kood: Shot Optimal 2.0 Kids Protector Jacket
  • Tootja: SHOT
  • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
  • 100% raha tagasi garantii
  • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus
  • Tarneaeg 7-14 päeva


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