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Nolan N70-2 GT Classic N-Com Helmet

  1. This is Nolan’s new top-of-the range road crossover which maintains and enriches the much-appreciated characteristics of its predecessor, the N44. It is characterized by an unmistakable design, its many technical features and the ample range of colours and graphics available. Its compact size (thanks to the availability of two outer shell sizes), double P/J homologation, ultrawide visor, VPS sunscreen (adjustable to various positions and fitted with the automatic repositioning system), AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system, double lever Microlock2 retention system with micrometric regulation, innovative Clima Comfort inner padding (with micro-perforated fabric and adjustable neck-roll) and set up for the N-Com communication system make the N70-2 GT the definitive road crossover for the most demanding of motorbike tourists.
  2. Features:
  3. Visor:
  4. Ultra-Wide, made of Lexan, scratch-resistant coatedSun Visor UV 400:
  5. dark gentian, made of Lexan, scratch-resistant coatedInterior:
  6. removable and washableVentilation:
  7. Airbooster TechnologyVentilation opening in the visor and chin partClosure:
  8. Microlock² closure for maximum safetyAdditional equipment:
  9. additional shade for sun protection and a detachable chin part, which turns the jet into a fully functioning full face helmet in no time at all (P / J double homologation)N-Com preparation:
  10. B901 L - B901 - B601 R - ESS - MCS IIIWeight:
  11. ca. 1480 gApproval:
  12. ECE 22-05Technology:
  13. P/J Homologation:The helmet is approved in P/J double configuration, as the removable protective chin guard (complete with air intake) has passed the homologation tests required by UN/ECE regulations for full-face helmets.
  14. ULTRAWIDE VISOR:The large surface of the S/R (Scratch Resistant) visor makes it possible to have a broader view, also lateral, thus highly increasing active safety. The innovative visor mechanism with tilting functionality (patent pending) allows a greater extension of the area covered by the Pinlock® and reduces the risk of accidental opening/closing of the visor as well as infiltrations.
  15. PINLOCK® FOG-RESISTANT INNER VISOR:Thanks to the patented adjusting system, the stretch of the Pinlock® inner visor can be adjusted, acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity of removing. The Full Silicone Border (FSB), adopted under licence from Pinlock®, allows first of all for an increase in the size of the air chamber located between the helmet exterior and interior, thus further reducing the risk of fogging; secondly, it reduces the risk of scratches to the visor.
  16. VPS SUNSCREEN:Moulded out of LEXANTM*, it is S/R (Scratch Resistant) and F/R (Fog Resistant) treated and offers UV protection up to 400 nanometres. It can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning and is fully-adjustable.*LEXANTM IS A TRADEMARK OF SABIC
  17. POSSIBLE CONFIGURATIONS: The helmet can be used in eight different configurations. N70-2 X is in fact characterized by the presence of three elements (visor, removable protective chin guard and peak) which can be fitted to the helmet individually, in pairs, all together, or removed completely.
  18. VENTILATION SYSTEM +AIRBOOSTER TECHNOLOGY:The exclusive “AirBooster Technology” upper system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider’s head most requires: the air is extracted from the upper air intake and forced into the most critical areas, avoiding any dispersion, to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions.
  19. MICROLOCK2 (patented):Double lever retention system with micrometric adjustment. This system consists of a thermoplastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminium toothed and holding lever. The toothed lever releases the micrometric strip, thus the chin strap can only be open with a very broad rotation of the opening lever. This device minimizes the possibility of unintentional opening of the retention system.
  20. INTEGRATED CHIN STRAPS:Integrated in the liner, the removable and washable chin straps favour the helmet’s fit, as well as its wearability.
  21. CLIMA COMFORT INNER COMFORT PADDING:Newly designed, the inner padding is made with double density micro-perforated fabric. Combined with the “AirBooster Technology” upper ventilation system, it distributes air in the upper part of the rider’s head.The shape of the wind protector increases the wearability of the helmet and protects from irritating air infiltrations in the chin area.
  22. N-COM COMPATIBILITY:B901 L R series - B601 R series - ESS - MCS III R series
  23. Content:
  24. 1 Nolan N70-2 GT Classic N-Com Helmet
  • Toote kood: mmc1499617409
  • Tootja: Nolan
  • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
  • 100% raha tagasi garantii
  • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus
  • Tarneaeg 7-14 päeva


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