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Nexx X.WST 3 Zero Pro Carbon Helmet

  1. The new X.WST 3 is a streetfighter helmet with one of the most dissident designs within the style. It includes a sportive rear spoiler, integrated sun visor, a new visor mechanism and features some of NEXX’s ultimate safety features. The sport character of the X.WST 3 makes it versatile for daily use in all kinds of weather.
  2. Features:
  3. anti-vibration EPS system
  4. F.R.S emergency and cleaning system (patent pending)
  5. special chin shape to reduce breast injury risk from frontal impacts
  6. mid Air Flow Chamber (patent pending)
  7. cheek pad ventilation
  8. lateral action camera support
  9. aerodynamic Spoiler
  10. 3 Shell Sizes
  11. PC Lexan shield clear with Anti-Fog position and Super Lock
  12. Pinlock ready
  13. inner sun visor
  14. removable chinstrap covers
  15. night vision – reflectors
  16. X.MART DRY fabrics
  17. soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric inner lining
  18. 3D Formed Pad, removable and washable
  19. chin wind stopper
  20. aerodynamic shell and rim
  21. Air Dynamic System -6 inlets and 2 outlets air-vents
  22. chin ventilation
  23. Specifications:
  24. double D-Ring buckle
  25. X-PRO Carbon Fiber
  26. NEXX X.COM3 Intercom system prepared
  27. ECE 22.06
  28. Contents:
  29. 1x Nexx X.WST 3 Zero Pro Carbon Helmet
  30. 1x Clear Visor
  31. 1x Smoke Visor (80%)
  32. 1x Pinlock visor (120XLT)
  33. 1x Helmet Bag
  35. Features
  36. Sun Visor
  37. Prepared for communication devices
  38. Emergency system padding
  39. Buckle
  40. Double-D
  • Toote kood: Nexx X.WST 3 Zero Pro Carbon Helmet
  • Tootja: NEXX
  • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
  • 100% raha tagasi garantii
  • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus
  • Tarneaeg 7-14 päeva


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