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Alpinestars S-M5 Rover 2 2024 Motocross Helmet. SAADAVAL!

  1. The all-new SM5 ECE 22.06 Helmet has been designed to provide MX riders with a helmet that is safe and purposefully designed to deliver optimal protection and comfort. The lightweight SM5 Helmet features a thermo-injected shell incorporating a special polymer blend enhanced by varying degrees of thickness that is engineered to deliver the optimal combination of impact protection and light weight. The inner liner features a 7-piece expanded polystyrene (EPS) construction including five different densities of EPS designed to ensure the correct density in the correct area for enhanced impact absorption.
  2. Features:
  3. Lightweight outer shell is constructed from a technologically advanced impact resistant thermoplastic in three anatomical shell sizes, plus three individual EPS inner liner sizes with a combination of inner lining and cheek padding to offer 6 unique sizes and to ensure the best fitment and protection
  4. An engineered raised area with padding effectively reduces the forces transmitted to the collarbone and a patented helmet peak release system that ensures the helmet peak is released with the correct pre-determined amount of force, irrespective of the angle of impact
  5. Revised the medium, large, XL, and 2XL lower shell volume to be around 3% wider to make the helmet easier to put on and take off, where the increase in helmet volume has also improved the impact management performance which is now 44% lower than the regular-speed threshold
  6. For the new ECE 22.06 standard, the SM5 achieves a 44% better regular-speed impact rating compared to the current 33% figure, as well as a 32% better low-speed, and 31% better high-speed linear impact score than the prevailing standard
  7. The inner and outer surfaces are engineered to minimize the effects of oblique impacts. To help fight and mitigate those rotational impact forces, Alpinestars has designed a proprietary technology by creating a low friction surface on the inner surface of the EPS liner. For the ECE 22.06 standard, which now includes the rotational oblique impact rating, the SM5 scores 70% under the new regulation
  8. Multiple density inner liner to ensure the correct density in the correct area for enhanced impact absorption
  9. Redesigned chin bar’s new profile, where the base area has been specifically sculpted to give a relief section, raised to clear the collarbone, with a new softer EPS liner which extends beyond the helmet shell itself, and is covered by a more flexible rubber compound providing a reduced chance of any sort of collarbone injury
  10. Maximized ventilation and high levels of heat transfer exchange thanks to multi-air inlets and exhaust ports
  11. The helmet peak has been designed to direct air into the ports for enhanced airflow
  12. ERS Emergency Release System cheek pads
  13. Hydration hose routing loops to facilitate hydration system mounting
  14. Specifications:
  15. The ECE version of the SM5 Helmet weighs 1,350 grams for a size medium with helmet peak
  16. ECE 22-06
  17. Double D-Ring closure
  • Toote kood: Alpinestars S-M5 Rover 2 2024 Motocross Helmet
  • Tootja: Alpinestars
  • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
  • 100% raha tagasi garantii
  • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus
  • Tarneaeg 7-14 päeva


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