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GoPro Fusion Replacement Door

GoPro Fusion Replacement Door This door replaces the original Fusion side door in case it’s damaged or lost. Use it to maintain the camera’s waterproof rating and keep debris out of the USB-C port. Features:
  • replacement side door for Fusion
  • intuitive design snaps into place
  • maintains the camera's original factory performance including the 16 ft (5 m) waterproof rating
  • Specifications: Compatibility:
  • Fusion
  • Manufacturer's Note:
  • Use caution when using GoPro mounts and cameras as part of your active lifestyle.
  • Contents:
  • 1 x GoPro replacement door
  • camera not included (has to be ordered separately)
    • Toote kood: fc1109877467
    • Tootja: GoPro
    • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
    • 100% raha tagasi garantii
    • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus
    • Tarneaeg 7-14 päeva


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