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X-Socks Moto Touring Motorcycle Socks Long

For long trips! As experienced bikers know, successful touring calls for bike skills and also the right gear. Protection does not have to mean restricting your freedom of movement. X-Socks Moto Touring pad all round the foot, at exactly the points where pressure will occur. The AirConditioning Channel ensures ideal foot climate, actively regulating excess heat and moisture at all times, as conditions demand. It is the efficient way of preventing your feet from overheating or getting cold. For dry, "air-conditioned" and comfortable feet.
59% nylon
21% wool
11% polypropylene
3% elastane
6% acrylic
Guide Size:
S/35-38, M/39-41, L/42-44, XL/45-47
  • Toote kood: loid209455
  • Tootja: X-Socks
  • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
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