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X-Bionic Motolight Trousers

X-BIONIC Moto Energizer Summerlight long pants
High-performance base layer with active climate regulation
X-BIONIC provides three-dimensional textile technology tailored to each part of the body, which supports temperature regulation. This has a decisive advantage: your body temperature remains at an optimal 37°C for longer. So your endurance and concentration levels are enhanced.
Reduces muscle vibrations
Muscle activity generates high-frequency vibrations that are almost imperceptible at first. As the muscles tire, the frequency of these vibrations becomes slower, and you start to feel them. Muscle fatigue is the result! The compression provided by X-BIONIC Moto Energizer stabilises the muscles from the outset, so you conserve your energy. Ideal conditions for maintaining top performance.
  • Improves the supply of nutrients
  • The compression provided by X-BIONIC Moto Energizer stabilises the blood vessels. The support given to the blood vessels relieves strain on the cardiovascular system and improves oxygen and nutrient supply. Faster return flow of deoxygenated blood to the heart means that the muscles and organs are supplied more quickly with performance-promoting oxygen and nutrients.
  • Continuous aeration and cushioning
  • Rubbing, sweat and pressure changes can soon make sitting on the saddle uncomfortable. For this reason, a 5 millimetre thick AirDuct structure provide continuous ventilation and cushioning in the seat area.
  • Enhanced concentration means greater safety
  • Physical fitness and concentration go hand in hand. The longer you can maintain top performance, the safer you are on the road. The airstream, constant vibrations and centrifugal forces all put a strain on the muscles. This is where X-BIONIC Partial Compression gives you a real safety plus. It utilises the benefits of compression while also using the skin as a cooling surface. You save valuable energy which you would otherwise expend in regulating body temperature.
  • Excess heat is dissipated
  • A fine, round woven mesh is integrated at the back of the knees because this is a part of the body that sweats quickly and profusely. The body's own heat is utilised to wick the sweat to the outside, where it can evaporate without any risk of causing chilling.
  • Medium compression reduces muscle vibrations
  • Enhanced oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles
  • Faster recovery
  • Cooling
  • Material: 73% polyamide, 18% polypropylene, 9% elastane
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