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UFO Alien Ice Care 15°C Cooling Ankle Bandage

UFO Alien Ice Care 15°C Cooling Ankle Bandage Cooling system for ankle cold therapy made of hypoallergenic and breathable fabric brace and four cooling elements. Features:
  • Inserting a cooling element for each pocket of the support the system wraps the ankle joint.
  • The support, when worn, does not limitany degree of freedom, allowing to wear it simultaneously to the shoes.
  • Four cooling elements are inserted inside, these wrap around the areas of medial and lateral malleolus.
  • Therapy at 15°C is recommended in the non-acute phase of trauma.
  • Indications: Distortion, dislocationand subdislocation, arthrosis, bursitand post surgical phase.
  • 1 bandage can be used for both sides
    • Toote kood: fc1484506351
    • Tootja: UFO
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